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Administrator Hero Member Posts: I then used the teensy loader to load the hex file into teensy, and everything worked right away. But that is not all. I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this. I used a longer wire with the insulator remove in the first half. Thank you for your kind words.

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In some mouse and special pens, there is actually 2 coils at the tip xd-060-8r to each other — that way the tablet can sense the “z-rotation” of the pen! Your tablet will now work virtually everywhere and painlessly provided you install the latest wacom drivers of course.

I had a bit of practice on lifting SOIC’s. Try it with the multi-meter. This makes it jump from one point to another. My gut feeling says that this difference is probably not a problem.

The board was obviously built to be the same for USB and Serial. In your picture, are the wires to 1 and 2 bridged?


Clicking | Wacom Intuos2 XDR User Manual | Page 27 /

The circuit quickly scans one “antenna” at a time each vertical trace, then each horizontal trace. I am not done re-compiling the.

In essence we are grounding the pad. Well I xdd-0608-r the first bit of soldering. August 23, Every once in a while, randomly, the sensitivity jumps to maximum, then returns to normal. It uses similar idea as well. I soldered to the pad and to the via while holding the long wire — I then cut the excess of wire. You can attach photos hosted by the forum rather than using an external image hosting site, this means they will stay aacom and not disappear after a year or two.

Intuos 2 Wacom Xd-0608-u Graphics Tablet MIISING Pen Qty

I think the readings are fine but double checking is not going to hurt. So how did you connect the stuff inside the tablet?

I assume this was just so it is faster to build? Of course, since I don’t have teensy yet, the wires are going to wacok for now. Cut and resoldered the other end of the cable, then I am a bit puzzled as to why you kept sd-0608-r 9 pin bulky connector?


Nothing connected I read: This was the exact error, I will have to download the 64 bit version java. Thank you very much.

Wacom XD-0608-R Graphics Tablet User Manual

I’ll let you and the community know. I have the pen to only use the monitor 1.

As waom, the serial driver chip is present ADM and there is what looks like a power regulator. August 24, Bongofish November 08, Uninstalling the older driver and installing the newest driver solved the issue. Then try powering and playing with the pen: We do not want to connect to it.

I decided to keep the tablet’s serial cable intact.

These wires are soldered to Teensy.