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What do you feel about Design and build quality of this device? We sent Teleservice’s head office an email, only to be told that they didn’t support the Qtek, and couldn’t provide a contact address at Qtek. SD slot for adding loads of great Pocket PC apps, crisp touch-screen display, and eminently pocketable. It has a screen of 2. Got an old mobile phone handset that you’re no longer using? Qtek S Add to Compare Compare.

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Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, computers and other network devices over short distances without wires, Bluetooth technology was primarily designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices. In our database there are smartphones from 96 brands And we continue to add new ones.

We were asked to type in the IMEI number for our handset, which we did – this told us that need to get support from www.

At the bottom of the right-hand size, there’s an infrared window, and on the bottom, a standard mini-USB connector we’re pleased to see that it uses a standard connector, whereas most smartphones have unique connectors to bump up accessory sales Surfing in Landscape mode The primary use for the S is going to be getting online, whether when connected to a PC over USB, surfing over a Wi-fi network, or using the phone’s excellent GPRS connectivity, using online services such as Web, email, MSN including Hotmail access!


Here’s a closer look at some the headline features: The standard Microsoft Windows Mobile set: To perform a soft-reset if the device has lockedbriefly insert the stylus or a paperclip into the reset hole on the bottom left of the S Hopefully, they’ll be able to help with software and firmware update for the Qtek S when one is released.

Qtej you have a Qtek S and want to change it to run in a different language, you will need to ‘flash’ it with a suitable Qtek S ROM image in the language that you want. About PhonesData PhonesData is the Web site where you can find information about the full technical specifications of all smartphones.

On the S, it seems best to use a headset for better audio quality – Also, due to the slowish processor on the S, multitasking mid-call causes a slowdown. We also found the vibrate a bit extreme.

Qtek S specs, review, release date – PhonesData

Go to the forum How do I reset? Qtek S – Videos. The Qtek S20 comes with a belt-clip case, power adapter, USB cable, set of stereo headphones, getting started guide, manual, a spare stylus, and two CDs of software. Supplied with USB docking lead Availability: This will return your machine to factory defaults – losing all of your data.

Qtek S200 pictures

Go to the forum. USA Legal Limit is 1. The Qtek S sports a 2 megapixel camera. The camera application Business apps: We got our hands on qyek Qtek S at the start of Marchjust after its release, and so far, we’re pretty impressed. We sent Teleservice’s head office an email, only to be told e200 they didn’t support the Qtek, and couldn’t provide a contact address at Qtek.


Media 2s00 Radio No. If you’re looking to get the PC connectivity program ActiveSync in another language, Microsoft make the solution available in different langages on their Windows Mobile download page. The qtrk of Skype we used is v2. This is an interesting one. Touch screen, four-way navigator Battery: How can I transfer data from another PDA?

This will qfek update the operating system in the phone – note that all data on the phone will be lost, and if you pick the wrong ROM image, you may not be able to use the phone. Got an old mobile phone handset that you’re no longer using? However, it is possible catalog to have inaccuracies. The lens has a small switch to allow switching to macro-mode for close-up image taking. As of Marchthe latest release that we know of, is: Eventually, we contacted the original manufacturers HTCand were directed to www.