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But you need a revision 2. Blame the extra power on the larger cache. I don’t even know what voltage regulator chip is being used on those boards. Can’t find your answer? Some Prescott S info is here:

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Asus p4pe-x motherboard user guide | Asus P4PE-X/TE User Manual | Page 27 / 68 | Original mode

Contact Asus and ask them to get their story straight. Always consult this web page before buying processors: Paul Jul 4,6: Maybe the power supply in your computer wasn’t strong enough to run them?

Heres the processor I have: Celeron for Vectra Is the celeron 1.

Anonymous Jul 5,2: I cannot get any device on this page to line up with the partial part number I see in the picture of the motherboard in the manual. On the Intel processorfinder page, one of the 2.


P4PE-XTE and new CPUs

That is another possible reason they didn’t run. So, the only error I see from this exercise, is the Intel processorfinder entry that lists the CeleronD as running at one volt. Subscribe to our newsletter. Some Prescott S info is here: Why would it not be compatible.

Need convincing to buy P4 over Celeron pp4e-x ‘Upgrading’ my Celeron With the others, the mainboard does not power up. The first spec applies to Socket boards, and the second to Socket included for completeness.

Paul Jul 3,8: So, it looks like Asus claims you need a revision 2. Power consumption is radically different between them.

I don’t even know what voltage regulator chip is being used on those boards. Perhaps the revision 2. Advice on upgrading from an Intel Celeron 1.

One runs at 1. This spec sheet says 1.

But you need a revision 2. You can look up the exact figure at processorfinder. Ask a new question. Can’t find your answer? It could be a BIOS problem? The BIOS is the version: I expect all the problems are BIOS related. The CeleronD probably draws too much current to be safe on that board. All these new processors from Intel give me a headache. Since Asus never lists design parameters for the Vcore regulator, the only way to guess, is to analyse the circuit itself, by reading the datasheet for the specific Richtek regulator being used.


Anonymous Jul 3,8: