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If there are interior house lights on near the front windows, he will see them. Perhaps that is true, but it happens that Park’s mother is an attorney, and she came to court in the capacity of a legal representative, not a mother. Considering the care to detail that is put into other parts of the map, these errors are inexplicable. However, Park first tried to get his boss through a pager number, and failing that wanted to call him at home. He is scheduled to have a parole hearing on July

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Because the Ashford driveway is at an angle to the front of the house, Park’s headlights point south-east, and do not illuminate the south end of the driveway. As the trial wore on, Shapiro was pushed aside to make room for Johnnie Cochran.


So, except when someone is having a party, or there is some other kind of overflow, residents do not park on the street. Direct examination by Marcia Clark, cross examination by Robert Shapiro. Since leaving the district attorney’s office, Garcetti has become an outspoken opponent of the death penalty. Garcetti has created multiple books of photographic essays, including “Reverence for Beauty.

From the foregoing, I conclude that the Bronco was at the Rockingham parking place when Sompson Lopez was in her front yard at Referring to that picture, Clark said that if a person could see the house number, then he could see the Bronco.

Kaelin lived in Simpson’s liko house at the time of the murders, and he was called to the stand as a witness during the trial. Of this observation, he says, “I’m pretty sure, not positive, but that is what I observed. He lied about using racial slurs and pleaded no contest to perjury charges.


When Park first arrived at Simpson’s estate, he did not see a car parked in the position that the Bronco was seen the following morning. Marcia Clark spent years as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles.

Park was the limousine driver who drove Simpson to the Los Angeles airport the night of the murders. Once the person darted inside, Park ljmo, he tried again, and this time Simpson answered, apologizing for having overslept and promising to be down in a few minutes. I feel horrible about Ron Goldman but I just can’t even go back there anymore.

It would be surprising if there was enough light in that view to see more than an occasional glint reflected from chrome, and it would have surely been impossible to tell how many cars or what kind they were from that position. Eventually, he was admitted, loaded Simpson and his luggage, and departed by continuing down the driveway as it curved to an exit on Rockingham. SipmsonDenise started the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation, working to raise awareness about domestic violence issues, but it has since shut down.

With his wife, Linell, and son, Grant, he founded the Brent Shapiro Foundation to honor Brent and his life and to increase awareness of alcohol and drug addiction. Under lim from Simpson attorney Johnnie L.

THE O.J. SIMPSON MURDER TRIAL : Limo Driver Says He Did Not See Simpson Bronco

Simpson was charged with the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, the chase, trial and verdict captivated the nation. I ismpson not attempted to show the shadow boundary north of Ashford. Clark spent years as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles.


My Year Battle with O. Her latest book, “The Competition,” is due out July As with nearly all of the testimony in the Simpson trial, the fairly simple experience of limo driver Allan Park was rendered complicated and filled with uncertainty by the attorneys. Also notice that from Park’s place at the Ashford gate he has a grazing view of the front of the house.

I made that career decision when I left, after the voters told me to leave,” he told CNN. The prosecution began their misrepresentation with a distorted map of the vicinity see Figure 1.


Lopez was the Salvadoran housekeeper for Simpson’s neighbors to the south. In his book, “A Lawyer’s Life,” Cochran wrote lino the Simpson case “gave me the platform to try to change some of those things that need to be changed in this country. Simpson, now 66, said he was going after what was rightfully his, saying he regretted only bringing along men “who I limi know and one I didn’t trust.

We also see from the Rockingham illumination charts that Park made a terrible blunder in his testimony that when he said he peered down the south driveway during the repositioning maneuver he saw two cars. However, there has never been any witness to raise this from the level of rumor. In MayGoldman wrote a book about her brother’s death and her experiences with the trial, saying it had taken the last decade-plus years for her to find o voice.