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In case of an unrecoverable error, most of the time the cutter will be completely blocked and the buzzer will be beeping until you strike a key. Depending on the type of grid roll cover, the cutting mat should be installed differently. Thickness varies too much from other bottom points! Hold back the clip 2 of the tool head and slide the tool into position, making sure the tool collar fits into the groove just beneath the locking screw 3. As such, it will result in a time-saving operation, preventing that the user will have to re-cut a very complex design because of bad media alignment.

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The width of the media will be displayed: Turning the set screw 3 counter clockwise, will retract the blade. Select the alignment method with the – keys.

The alignment has been done. Press the [ ] key to accept the new value.

Large Format Printers & Cutting Plotters

Thickness varies too much from other top points! Therefore it is a good habit to clean the drive rolls regularly. Select if you want the cutting plotter to look for the front edge of the vinyl. Reinstall the cutter cap onto sf auto sheet-off knife.


The middle muth rollers may be disabled. You can recognize the type of cover by the amount of holes at the left side refer to picture below. If the keyboard does not respond still, you have to reboot the cutter.

MUTOH SC-650 Manuals

Therefore, it is recommended to select a tool-up speed lower than the speed selection in the menu. If muton barcode number displayed corresponds with the number under the barcode, everything is all right. Sideplate Right me The media will be cut 5 mm 0.

The origin will be set in the upper right corner. Contourcutting Y Width mm Start: Check the flexible cable between keyboard and mainboard. Data is being sent from the computer, but the cutter does not react.

And a circle with a radius of 5 cm. Barcode Multi Automatic alignment with barcode and multi-segment frame.

CSA International certification is not a legal commitment but it assures the quality and safety of the machine. Remove any residual material from the blade tip Step 4: Press the [ Exit: Press the [ ] key to end the test and to go back to the main screen.


The main screen will be displayed again when the factory defaults have been restored. Press the [ – keys. This standard tries to cover all safety aspects. Install a dark black vinyl. This to eliminate roller marks on vulnerable vinyl for example. To do so, please follow the instructions mentioned below. The pressure rollers should always be positioned on top of a grid roller, if not, it will be impossible to start cutting.

These movements could cause abrupt media transport which could cause tracking problems. But thickness of Px-Py and Pw-Pz differ too much from each other.

For a first test, turn out the blade until it protrudes about 0.