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I’m getting exactly the same. I’m really getting pissed! Log in to Win XP using your usual account. This thread is locked. Tommorow I’m going to call the dutch MSI and try to find I’ve they are trying to solve this problems! This site in other languages x.

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My device manager shows a load of bluetooth com ports and a bluetooth entry in usb controller, but it also shows up as 3 unknown devices.

Where can I find a driver for my bluetooth MSI3X btoes device compatible with 64 bit.

Ihave had similar cases If anyone has managed to get around this please let me know. In the permissions dialog, look in the Group name or User name box for your normal account or the “Users” group, and then set Permissions to Full Control. After several hours trying to get BToes to work in Windows XP Pro, with problems similar to those described above, I seem to have finally succeeded in getting it to work.

Any idea whats happening? ppc-2-pc

The CD in the 3: To fix this, dongpe into the Bluetooth Advanced Configuration. I have confirmed the hardware driver is installed properly in the Device Manager. Remove your network cable, or your wireless card! Has anyone experienced this problem before? I bought this Btoes dongle yesterday but failed to install it.


Where can I find a driver for my bluetooth MSI3X btoes device – Microsoft Community

Hi to all BToes specialists and Bluetooth specialists, I had no problem to install the dongle but after the installation I lost my Internet connection which was on another Network card which is connected to a cable modem. Unable to install necessary drivers Code 31 I thought that the dongle itself could be faulty – but after installing the new updated software it worked fine – except I needed the BD address pc-2-pd order to get a security key- which can only be found from the older software – doh!

With the Bluetooth Software 1. Wait for the process to finish. I think it’s time for MSI to react!

MSI Btoes 2.0 Bluetooth EDR USB Adapter (MS-6970A) Windows Drivers

Hopefully the following guidelines may be useful to others. When it asks for the dongle to be inserted near the end of the setup click the ‘Close cross’ in the top right to ignore the message. And I was able to solve it this way: I’m really getting pissed! The blue LED on the dongle is flashing, the manual says on is connected, off is disconnected, but makes no mention of flashing.

MSI Btoes Bluetooth EDR USB Adapter (MSA) Windows Drivers | Laptop Software

Read the other thread, just disconnect your nluetooth from the internet! If you are trying to connect to some Bluetooth cell phone or other device, then you will not need to go further.


MSI sell this stuff, but doesn’t help at all when you have trouble! If you are not confident editing the registry, don’t proceed any further! Hope this helps others! When installing the Bluetooth Software 1. I’ve have red a lot of forums all with the same problems with reinstalling BT dongles! But if the XP Computer looses allready the internet connection after the installation of the bluetooth adapter – this is not yet possible.

I can’t figure it out either, I think I’ve tried almost everything. In here, change the Exchange folder to one that your account can access it default setting is to a folder in the Administrator account, to which you don’t have access.

However I keep getting BTstackserever errors.

So, I am not the only one with that problem. Thanks for marking this as the answer. I could then install and use all of them with that CD.