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I just want that please tell me what is the problem in my mobile and give me the solution for it? But it can not load. Devices can be managed on following page: We can’t influence it. I synchronized my contacts from my mobile to the server. If you look to synchronize SMS from server to device you need to buy Premium version.

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Sorry, we can’t help you. Now you can log in by email instead of username only to PhoneCopy.

If you will transfer contacts between phones within 7 days it will work without need to buy Premium Subscription. Hi, currently we work on automatic synchronization, then we will launch support of multiple contact databases in single sync and next we will launch SMS backup.

PhoneCopy is just synchronizing my Gmail contacts. Hi, I recently uploaded contacts to sync to another device and i deleted all contacts from my account.

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If you delete them, Google account will create them again. I really need them bipashaa. Hello, it depends on whether the private sms is saved as a other common sms or it is stored in a special private storage. Go to People app. I have no need for Media backups. Please check following guide: Corrals, Sunsets, and Wetlands Pls can be the problem, and what’s the solution? I have deleted all my contact when I was setting my phone application manager so I have cleared the data from there, then all of my contact were gone, I want to get my contact back from my account so how can I do this.


Please check if you have correctly set visibility of contacts. But you have 4 devices in your profile. Other data types will be launched later. I exceed the limit by contacts,I have not transferred to my andriod yet. All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone.

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We can help with PhoneCopy problems only. Sometimes app cannot detect empty contact database. When I activated my Samsung account the first time all my contact numbers and BBM aswell Whatsapp contact numbers appeard on my phone.

Appreciate your help here. In fact if I log into the website it keeps saying that my Samsung device has never been Synced I lost all my contacts and these in phonecopy are all I have.

Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. I have paid for Premium and i still cannot sync? Please help, thanks a lot in advance. I accidently erased all contacts, I somehow also synced that to phonecopy So I have lost all contacts. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a hard phone to root and took a few attempted, but everything worked out. Install the new beta version: I cannot motorols open mails from my cell phone operator.


Press synchronized and you will get contacts synchronized to your phone. You can select motoroal contacts by selecting check box on contacts page header.

I had one contact deleted on 12 dec what can I do I download photocopy they show msg buy premium I want free sync. Rarely do I pay for xt080 support or make endorsements so purchase with confidence, these folks are legit!