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Cesare Tirabassi norsetto wrote on Frank Groeneveld frankgroeneveld wrote on I have a ralink rt based PCI card. This got the networking working but it would then stop after a few minutes and then go into a stuck state if I tried to repeat the modprobe trick. Or could someone point me to where I can find the Ubuntu kernel patches and source? Or is it something to do with IRQ? Savvas Radevic medigeek wrote on

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Setting the rate manually should not be necessary.

rtusb – Debian Wiki

Steve Langasek vorlon on Compiling driver form rf2570 with every kernel upgrade is rather unhandy. Here is something that may help.

Any ideas what may be the problem? Assuming the issue remains, could you then try re-running apport-collect but use:. I noticed an updated kernel, 2. This problem is new to me in hardy.

After connecting, if you do:. If im wrong please let me know or let me know what the exact issue is with llinux cards and we can all work together on a fix Hereafter the content of my file:. Hola, You may use RutilT instead of nm-applet This is with rtcvs- daily-apr- the one before that does not even work any more, although it worked in gutsy.



Tim Gardner timg-tpi on If may be already solved, but I’m quite sure this can’t be done or is very hard to do in this kernel version. Menno m-tjoelker wrote on My rt card still does not work under Hardy Alpha 2. In the near future it will be usable, rt25770 not with Gutsy.

I installed this too but did not notice any benefit, how do I make sure the kernel is loading the backport modules instead of the default ones?

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Impressed with Hardy CR As by looking at the box you may not know what version you will be stuck with. I haven’t tried removing the option from xorg, but my Avaratec now works. The only oddity is that dmesg gives me a dozen or so lines that say NOHZ: System, Administration, Network and manually configured Wireless connection. By the way, the firmware file rt Patches Quick and dirty hack edit Add patch.


But it works, it supports wireless extensions, it can scan air, it works with NetworkManager, it can handle WPA both personal and enterprise. That simple script is like this: Barry Shilliday teppic74 wrote on Got it to work eventually with the rt73usb driver.

But went the hard way and opened the adapter casing: On Mon, Apr 21, at Ralink RT usb wireless driver Hi – just following up on this After the discussion on IRC, the result is that I will assist with rt2x00 related bugs filed in launchpad.