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Any ideas on how to correct it? Done default-jre is already the newest version. Deleting wasn’t necessary as you can have many versions installed. Once I reset that in safe mode, normal functionality was restored, and Java became visible again. Just moved over to my Debian system.

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The only difference at this point may be the LO version. Just tested with the 1. Hello, Can’t give a definitive answer based upon information given thus far.

AskLibO requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. The HSqlDb version that is embedded in Base is a bit poor compared to using the proper version of HSqlDb and then use that as a back end with Base as the libreoffide. No SDBC driver found – preliminary questions. I would LIKE to get away from this but the couple of times I tried in the past were a complete failure!!


Linux Mint Cinnamon, it is.

Base – No SDBC driver found!!

How to reference a calc cell from base. Done default-jre is already the newest version. Hi All As always I seem to be battling again with my Database!!

In reply to this post by Ian Whitfield On Thu, at The type of data base??? Let us know if anything works, though. Tabbed forms within a Main Form. Java and LO must match bit-wise.

Skip to Main Content Area. Is there a sdbc-hsqldb package that I should install for mac os? It’s just the implementation inside Base is less than great. Ask a question Find bugs.

Users – Base – No SDBC driver found!!

Tue, 04 Aug – I even tried to create a new Database which it did OK and then renaming my old file to this name but I still get the same error!! Libreofice have one computer where I do all of the updating to the databases generally. Its there by default.


Hi, I can libreofficr agree with you. When trying to use a LO database, I get the following error message: I ran a script to install Base on my LibreOffice install. Hi, I have several. Lost page breaks on xlsx file [closed].

Was exactly the right answer for me. Problem copying between spreadsheets [closed].

No SDBC driver found

Powered by Askbot version 0. Ratslinger, in answer to your questions: Had same problem with earlier versions – 5.

If this is the case, it is a problem with connectors.