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You can do this by making a bootable grub floppy http: The LBA might be a clue. I think I will try the grub2 one next because syslinux, requires you to sit there and wait for grub to come up while booting Hi there, Try Mint Linux. GPS Antenna Jack

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UMPC – Kohjinsha SC3-GB (GPS)

Reposted ’cause I edited my previous post and y’all already replied to it: What i suggest you do is to do a system recovery. After the install, it didn’t boot, and someone suggested me to change the kernel to install. If you only want to backup particular partitions, partimage is the way to go.

However, on reboot, the grub boot menu shows up, select any item in the menu, and it immediately goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left had corner. Again the penmount site has the linix code for ubuntu 8. What do you think?

Thank you in advance. Hi everyone, sorry to jump in at the end of the liunx. I had a little trouble with the correct path to the kernel and initrd. I’ve had some trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess linyx with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems.


Who knows, you might actually solve the problem for all mankind! Keep me posted if you find any workarounds.

Now from the newly loaded grub boot menu select the ubuntu option. Finally, responding to damianmarti: I have compiled the vaapi kohjindha mplayer but it won’t play video audio works saying something like bad video codec or something.

You end up with a segmentation fault http: Hi, I have the same problem on my Kohjinsha SX3 using the same chipset. Please ignore the urge to reboot and test the chainloading.

All times are UTC. HI recently got a used SX3, can the 1. Apparently there is not a 3D driver in Jaunty yet So the solution is to remove the random data beforehand, in other words, zero out those unused blocks.

I’d like try use Wireless XP driver on Ubuntu, what do you think about it? Firstly, backup all your data. I think the original problem blank sceen, blinking cursor is kohjinsba probably due to a buggy bios as many have speculated. The other posts that I have seen, are chainloading from Windows. I can get the actual error, if someone can help. However its entirely due to it that today I have a 8 Gig super system rescue usb with 6 linix system tool cds and 7 different OS live cds all kohjisha from grub chainloading to their syslinux bootloaders in their logical partitions http: I tried to identify which effect was causing it but even after turning all effects off it still caused the black bar.


Sat Dec 29, 4: UPon getting back home in europe, i installed a linux distribution kohjinwha it, xubuntu, which is fine but has difficulties playing multimedia files movies the main issue is that the xubuntu install probably messed up the windows XP boot.

This is the down side. It did come up in mirror mode at first.

Linux on Kohjinsha SA1F0

Now it is important that we do not reboot the machine until step 3 and 4 is completed. If there is a recovery partition, how do i access it?

When I get one that detects my wi-fi and the correct screen resolution I’ll be getting rid of Windows.