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I managed to set up the logging, but still have two problems: One of the biggest mistakes in software development is to hardcode configuration information. They sent us to the 1st floor. Please visit our new self-study course catalog to see how you can upskill your Java knowledge. So a little help for that monitor would also be great: This monitor allows developers to see if they are reusing their PreparedStatements.

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We were told to go to the 3rd floor.

Introduced in JAMon 2. I also tried adding this line, but it did nothing either: This was extremely easy to set up and hamon and it is currently logging everything I need in the way that I want it.

Kayaman I forgot to mention that, while I am currently working on my local DB, the program later needs to function on a remote DB on which I cannot access log files or edit postgresql. Namon, “user”, “pw” ; I don’t notice any difference though.

Other modules are often easy to build. Ideally we should not need any code changes.

Download jamon JAR ➔ With all dependencies!

They sent us to the 1st floor. PreparedStatements will have ‘? One strength of jamon is the diversity of things that it can monitor and the ease with which you can do it.


This is how I open my connection: Your search query will be forwarded to Google. Monitoring your application JAMon comes with several ways prroxy monitor your application that require no application code changes.

Inside the driver class there will be a static initializer block that is executed when it is loaded for the first time.

You could be ptoxy your code in a few minutes. One of the benefits of PreparedStatements is improved performance over Statements if they are reused. The following code will use JAMon as a proxy to track performance, but uses the underlying driver to perform the queris The example uses Sybase, but any vendors driver would do.

ConnectionSpy cannot be cast to org.

Monitoring SQL and JDBC calls

When we call DriverManager. In addition, the connection URL, username and password could be hardcoded or read from obscure config files. This value should be high to maximize the benefit of the PreparedStatement. Fortunately there is a solution that is straightforward. About the Author Java Champion, author of the Javaspecialists Newsletter, conference speaking regular First off, we do not want to change code.


JavaSpecialists We deliver relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations. JAMon keeps track of the following metrics for any of the items it tracks in the modules: See JAMon Modules for other easy ways to monitor different aspects of your application.

Download jamon JAR 2.78 with all dependencies

JAMon provides the ‘add’ method to handle these situations. They do provide a bunch of JSP pages that you can hide somewhere in your admin section of your website. By default the report is sorted with the most recent queries showing at the top.

While not open source, here is a really nice free one. We cannot rely on doing this inside code, for several reasons.

We can help make your Java application run faster and trouble-shoot concurrency and performance bugs Site below has lists of tools monitoring JBoss: Other names may prody trademarks of their respective owners.