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IC-Prog Prototype Programmer says: Then unzip the contents of the newly downloaded. Go to page 4 to Disassemble a. Did you select the correct com port in IC Prog? January 19, at 5: Articles Top Articles Search resources.

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Before deciding on the way you will program the chip, you need to know some of the differences and limitations.

Right click on the icprog. Click on Open and the window will disappear.

Make sure the interface cable is connected and the 5v LED is illuminated. He has built the Multi Chip Programmer and 5×7 Display and has sent the following: The Device window will read: Genial post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement.

IC-Prog starting errors

If a fault develops during programming a new window will appear, detailing the fault. Change ic-prog’s compatibility to Win August 18, at 5: April 21, at 2: PIC Programming is done. There is probably some black magic regarding security permissions when creating symbolic links.

July 28, at July 12, at 8: Click ” F5 Program”. You could put this in a batch file in the IC-Prog directory, eg. The following has been provided by a constructor: Hi again, thnx for the link gayan, it did helped me understand more about JDM, but im still unable to get a 16F84 programed, i just cant get pass through h error, i tried enablin and disabling stuff from here and there but i keep gettin the error, i tested the Vpp and im getting the correct 13v and this is starting to frustrate me, im gonna program the chip tomorrow on the school with microchip’s pic start plus and make sure that its not the pic itself the one causing troubles and i will also try to use my programmer in another desktop computer, i would really appreciate any new ideas on what should i do.

New Drivers  PKW-WMP11-V27 DRIVER

At the end of programming the programming window will disappear.

Tech & Fun: How to install IC-PROG XP Driver?

Select correct COM port. August 8, at 6: If you have more ports you need to select correct com port.

You must log in or register to reply here. Under XP on my box anywayit installs but can’t be started.

Click on File top-left. Port A is already an incomplete Port, with RA5 as input-only.

Otherwise the chip has been programmed and verified and can be removed from the programmer and inserted into the project you are developing. Device writing confirmation if enabled Programming code progress bar Programming data progress bar Programming configuration Verifying code if enabled Verifying data if enabled IC-Prog will show the following dialog box if the verification is successful.

Programming the microcontroller using IC Prog, Select the device microcontroller to be programmed. When burning a chip for the first time, an instruction in your program sets LVP to “0” or “1.


IC PROG Programmer Settings and programming PIC

June 5, at 3: Hi there, this are the pics of my programmer hope this can help somehow, the hardware settings are as follow: Gayan Soyza Active Member Nov 22, Make sure a dot appears beside RC.

I am trying to get my JDM programmer to work using icprog 1. February 10, at