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The reference voltage is Figure 1. The overall time depends on the range, function, and particular controller used. Set the Decade Resistor to K ohms. If the DVM reading is in tolerance by a percentage that is greater than the maximum allowable error of the standard, the DVM is definitely within its specification. Test limits for the hour and day specifications are included in the tables for the accuracy tests. The measurement result is stored by the switch AI 0Q3S.

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The 74SA can be calibrated during a routine per- formance test using the procedures outlined in the A Operating and Service Manual. Table gives the typical measurement times, using the HP-IB. The full- scale accuracy is therefore: TableTypical Operating Characteristics. DC Accuracy Tast 1 V.

At each setting, the 34S5A reading mpsfet be within the Test Limits given in the table. The following is an explanation of each trigger mode. The multi- meter is shipped with the line voltage and fuse selected for V ac operation.

Gate Function in Auto-Cal 8-B Front Panel Servicing Schematic If the instrument has been readjusted within a period of 24 hours, test for the hour specifications. An integrat- ing amplifier U4 is used to maintain a dc level of 0 V dc at kosfet output of the Converter Amplifier. SRQ – indicates that the A “requires service” from the controller. Customers may provide own analog design. Full scale output of the converter is 6.


IM80 V hour spec. The “Wait” statements in many series calculators are convenient methods to avoid outputting the previous buffer contents. IV through lOV range: Dariva 6-month tatt limitt from tpacificatlont linad in Tabla AC Operational Accuracy Tact Remove the clip lead from across the I megohm resistor.

In the local lockout mode, the SA cannot be returned to local operation from the front panel.

np This is accomplished by measuring the offset and gain errors and then mathematically correcting the measurement reading to exclude them. The measurement result is stored by he main controller as the I V dc full scale constant.

Initial Inspection Front and Rear Panel Features The trigger message causes the A to initiate a measurement cycle.

International Rectifier

By depress- ing the Decrease 2 button on the front panel, the display rate can be decreased. Identify parts by mosget Hewlett-Packard part numbers. The program codes can also be determined from the front panel markings.


Reinstall the top covers and again allow the instru- ment to run at room temperature for 30 minutes. The supplement is a duplication of the first three sections of this manual and should be kept with the instrument for use by the operator.


If the instrument is operated outside for the temperature range for a given set of specifica- tions, the appropriate temperature coefficients, listed in Hlmust be added to those specifications. However, he instru- ment must be protected from temperature extremes which cause condensation within the instrument.

Function and location of the part. Set the Standard Cell Voltage controls on the Reference Divider to correspond to 221 calibrated standard-cell setting on the Transfer Standard. X is present reading.