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Why does phonecopy groups not match the android groups? How can i restore my sms. You will get email when the price drops below your mentioned price. Want to give my old phone to my Personal Assistant, with the hope that if we both continue to synchronise and update BOTH phones to the account, we will they be able to maintain and update the SAME set of contacts. In case you are Premium user you will get it synchronized back to your phone then. It is common for older devices. Not “Failed to send” but it just sits there saying “Sending” for every text message I try to send.

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Unofficial TWRPs for devices without source code. They say that when my phone was sent in for gfjve swoftware update that they haven’tmade a back up of my. This type of sync occurs only after login to app, it transfers all contacts and sms from phone and server and merges them. Android Apps and Games.

Once all contacts are restored, sync your phone and they will be transferred back to the phone. The good news is that I’m able to start in fastboot mode or in recovery. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Now you solved it by yourself. No error message, it says checking items on phone copy. I just obtained an Oppo F1 unit and unfortunately this device is not yet supported by PhoneCopy.


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How do I get Notes transferred as well. It can take several minutes to unlock your profile. Hello, i just downloaded and sync a688 tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do However, what i got was that all my gfife was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was backup. Please do not use bad words in our discussion forum.

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When does server not accept logins? I am trying to get a google account with my fresh set up. Sir, I have a problem in my samsung galaxy grand maxContact interchange thier name and make another name and they chahe their gfiive.

This occurred lately as first I was able to access them.

All i want to know is once i have synchronized the data on my phone, can i delete the app? Please show me steps. ANY help would be appreciated.

Online Shops 0 Nearby Shops 0 Used 0. You can ggive review all changes on PhoneCopy website. Might want to change your supported Lillipop to Lollipop. Can you solve this please.


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I’m sure if I delete the Gmail account and reinstall it that a lot of my contacts will disappear again! PhoneCopy groups are tool to define which group of contacts you want to synchronize to which device. Could you please tell me how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops hfive me Here is your guide: Don’t expect it to run games or apps that are at all complex. Hello, we slightly changed the login screen in recent version of our application.

I have over plus contacts and SMSs. We found only active contacts list. Go back to settings or log in as existing user and change contacts database.

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I would like to get rid of those, i. Here is tutorial describing synchronization contacts include SMS. I have backup data in my sd card.