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According to this page the new driver can be used by the old interface. Tue Sep 13, 9: That’s the only reason why I included a sharp peak in the beginning of the sweep. Window and in the Audio Settings click the Apply botton, then the pitch returns to normal. I can’t consider, how easily they can just ignore our e-mails.

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My mistake — indeed the specs say kHz.

There is not word on what new features will be offered in the upcoming new versions, nor do we have any estimated dates that these new versions would be released. I hope SAM 5 will finally have a naya44 setup.


I just raise my prices. I have to address this – we have asked for dual channel playback for years. My problem is now that i am using the MAYA card the pitch of the music has increased, when i disconnect the card the pitch is correct. Just a few words like “maybe your IRQ are not correct – some incompatibility with the motherboard I use my computer for my work. Please rsi me know.


Here can I change settings for channels, samplerate, resolution, system performance. The respond of ESI’s Support was really bad.

Orban calls a composite clipper a composite clipper, and they call a final clipper a final clipper. Tue Sep 13, 9: See all the squigglies on the squarewave?

MAYA44 USB External Sound Card |

I hope it works for you. So I ordered a new one. Here is my setup: My workaround is this – because I esj a wedding dj, I can’t remember the last time I played anything in stereo so I just use left channel “AIR”, right channel “CUE” – this forces mono playback and I have left and right deck control in my outboard mixer.

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MAYA44 USB External Sound Card

Please see the following whitepaper by Greg Ogonowski co-designers of the I was curious if someone here had been down the road and found a fix hence the post here. Tue Sep 13, 1: I am affraid that there is something wrong with my proccessor. Meanwhile, we’ll all ssi have to be patient.

Leif please correct me if I’m wrong. After the installation, MAYA 44 had the same problem. For the QuickSweep, adjust the trig level on your scope to trig to the peak.

New Drivers  GEFORCE 7200GS 256MB DRIVER

Have you tested it to see if that actually works with kHz output while also inputting audio? That was the way to see 2 different soundcards.

DVDdoug on I know it’s an old card but it still works. I have never thought of that. I agree on all of the concerns above.

Download ESI MAYA44 USB Audio Interface ASIO Driver for Mac OS .

I sent them an e-mail at 13 of August, maaya44 is 24th of August and still no answer. Of course, but I would like to use more than 2 channels. So, how does the signal look?