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On Celeron-based models, there are two settings. Since then, I tried a couple of configuration changes, which I don’t think are the cause for my current problems, and I also did a normal reboot. Additional modules not yet in Debian kernels Introduction to building out-of-kernel modules The instructions below require you to install and compile module source packages using module-assistant. Model specific issues Please go to.. In Figure 6, in the bottom right corner of the screen is a pop-up menu after clicking on Eee PC Tray Utility icon; from there you can enable or disable devices of your choice.

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Observed by magnifying lens.

SOLVED: Take a picture using webcam on asus eee pc ha – Fixya

Download and reinstall camera drivers here: Perhaps the same is possible using swap files too. After a while I just gave up, and resigned myself to cleaning it once every day. This is an example: The old version of our installer had a ca,era which required a manual install of atl2 after installation — this is 1000ah no longer required. The default action for the volume keys has been changed to NONE. You should have no problem using this program after a few tries.

Also in the middle is the fan exhaust.

ASUS EEE PC HA Netbook Review – Page 2 of 5 – Legit ReviewsUnboxing the Asus EEE HA PC

VertRefresh” lines are commented out or removed from the “Monitor” section and set “Virtual ” in the “Display” subsection of your “Screen” section, e. View this thread in our forums! I spent a while trying to figure out why I could not get the 1000h to focus before I realized that 1000na had a nice greasy fingerprint right on the lens.

New Drivers  VS-LTV883RF DRIVER

I have the driver but still need the utility to use this webcam. As you can see in Figure 11, once running, the program will be able to produce JPEG images after pressing [F1] based on the above-mentioned camera resolutions. Did this solve your problem?

Take a picture using webcam on asus eee pc 1000ha

If you have problems when trying to reactivate your Wireless connection with the hotkey, you may have to ensure pcc module pciehp is loaded with the right options.

Become root and 1000ha the following commands to enable camera in the BIOS: I’ve been searching for this and all I can find are people looking for the drivers. The only glitch is that I have to quit memory-hungry programs like Iceweasel before attempting hibernate, as otherwise the swap space is not enough.

Talk to a Technician Now! This is apparently a “known design feature of the power management hardware” and the Intel DRI devs Chris Wilson et al.

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. I have to type it by hand for it to resume. It appears that the userspace battery utilities expect the battery to report mAh, but in fact it reports percentage. Ethernet atl2 This just works now.


This thread is locked. How can this be resolved.

Xorg Fonts Sub-pixel ordering with some uncertainty is red, green, blue from left to right. See also Hibernation and perhaps more importantly Hibernate without swap partition Graphical boot This splashy package will enable a camsra status boot screen for your EEE, which is far pretier than that bunch of characters scrolling up the screen OK, for a server, not for a mobile workstation.

Asus EEEpc webcam utility for Windows 7?

Touchpad Scrolling See SynapticsTouchpadunless you’re using lenny on a model with an Elantech touchpad. FrenchGerman ,?

Note that the “Shutdown method” option does not seem to be explained in the man page of uswsusp. I haven’t found anything on Asus’ site as far as the camera utility goes, just the driver. Compiz works for me with xfce, but its a bit choppy rotating the cube to a workspace that has opened programs on it.

The image is loaded again by Power ON.