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Produced by Das Atomic Darmflora Quintett. In der Kleinstadt Schaffhausen im Norden der Schweiz unmittelbar an der Grenze zur Bundesrepublik, dort das Andere, die Welt, vielleicht auch nur im Kopf, gibt es eine grosse Welt in der kleinen? ABT Abteilung Title: Limited numbered edition, handmade cover, blue vinyl, includes a little bag of GDR vanilla sugar and a photo card. Gotta be young Race and Nation 1: Den Pershings the bestehend aus Christian drums, Stefan sax, Claudius guit plus weiteren und den.

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Back From Hell Songs: Goth Rock, Industrial, Death Metal.

Charlotte bass-voc, Rolf drums, Roman guit, Bruno voc-guit. From Punk to Patriotism. Major Many drums, Jonathan Woerlen voc. These were the rehearsals for the Heuried gig.

Skrewdriver – Wikipedia

April at the Volnitza in Lyon, France. Charlie On The Beach Title: Germany or Made in Belgium on them and also on the back of the sleeve. Die Bandmitglieder begegneten alle drei zum ersten Mal Instrumenten.


Die Band spielte ein komplett neues Repertoire. Warrior voc, Marquis Marky drums-perc.

Die aus Aarau stammenden Bermuda Idiots existierten ein volles Jahrzehnt Bambi Productions CC Style: I don’t like you Live ’87 1: Produced by Bernard Henrion. Disctrade FD Style: I Don’t Like You download: Composed by Louis Crelier. Editon of copies. Ausnahme Zustand Mix Cover art by Micha Good. L’Ogre – Der Kinderfresser.


Stefan Gerling bass-perc-drum program, Chriz Skrewdrive guit-perc-frum program. Free my Land When the storm breaks Cover art by Phil Lawvere. A-Side is a spoken fairytale in the style of the well known storyteller Trudi Gerster written and performed by Boni Koller.

Limited numbered edition, handmade cover, green vinyl. Tape comes in a plastic bag with poster and badge. Desert Engine DE Style: Except for the final gig at the Gassechuchi that we played with dixcography new folks on guitar and bass as the Pains of Humans.

Cover design by Peter Aeschbacher, cover photo by Migu Schneeberger. L’Ogre – Der Kinderfresser Songs: The Collector’s Celtic Frost.