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Army airplane characteristics are shown in Table 9a and Army helicopter characteristics in Table 9b. Creative Labs Creative Jukebox 2 0 ref. Characteristics of Helicopter Armament. These groups may be restructured as needed for instruction; however. Remove togged shorting clip ond push rocket bock Into launcher Top plastic covert over ends of launcher. Energy Sistem Energy Sistem – 2 Go 0 ref. Sandisk Sandisk Clip Sport – 16 Go 0 ref.

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Philips Philips ACT 0 ref. TnPV X m -iO w.

Comply le ca mgg f I age Remove sifety putl nng membly md complete csmopfiage To Bury: Archos Archos 1 Vision – 4 Go 0 ref. Niarr vision sight crew served s-jix Digital Cube Digital Cube i2 0 ref. Greatest distance at which gunner may be expected to f re accurately.

Endurance at cruising speed: Screw in fuze then screw in tilt rod extension. Ditconneci discriminator wire from firing device. It reflects the current thought of this School and conforms to published Department of Army doctrine as closely as possible.


It contains data on organizations, detaiis of equipment, and tables pertinent to armor operations. Ton M35A2 w w-nch ‘ The load-carrying capability of an aircraft. Characteristics of Antitank Weapons.

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Rate of which weapon can fire indefinitely NOTE: Ton M 3, 74 3 71 2 43 2 1 Gos 65 2! Toshiba Toshiba Pala-Chan – 1 Go 0 ref. Sandisk Digital Audio Player – Mo 0 ref. Hyundai Hyundai THY 0 ref.

In this text, the following abbreviations are used to indicate the specific weapon s authorized each individual. Intel Intel Pocket Concert 0 ref. JP-4 fuel is clear. Co C Sig Spt Op.

Unit commander, as deemed necessary, or ordered by force field artillery headquarters. Characteristics of Army Airplanes. The combat units of the divisions ore designated in accordance with the combat arms regimental system CARS. f-jix

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Sony NW-E 17 Ref. One 7 ,62mm Machinegun and – ne 4 d-jid Grenade Launcher. Components Designations of components of division are as follows: Roadstar Roadstar PCD 0 ref.


Seat mine firmly in snug fitting hole. Energy Sistem Energy Sistem – 2 Go 0 ref. Co B Fwd Comm. Maximum allowable gross weight: