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Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory. I just got fitted today at my local golf shop for a new Hibore XL. The sales assistant said the backspin speed was consistantly around rpm. Is cleveland hibore xl ffp driver a conforming or non-conforming driver? I do not get my clubs for free like Mr. Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. I have seem to have lost some distance.

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Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

I love the club, and loved the review, great job. I had an illegal XD but this goes longer and with a fantastic boring flight.

A dead center hit is penetrating, a mid-high hit launches high but with minimal backspin, a fabulous downwind driver!

Thanks to everyone posting here for your insight and suggestions! In Florida we have lots of French Canadians who come down and love golf.

The open face corrects that draw. With this driver I feel confident of a dead straight tee ball, and usually get it, or else a tiny little fade clevdland I like just as much. I love the club.


I have seem to have lost some distance. With the much bigger Hibore XL, I feel that I need to tee it up and I have experiemented a bit, and I seem to get the ball up much better with a high tee.

Was fitted with a Hibore XL As I said at the beginning of this review, I normally play a fade, so this was a welcome surprise. I have never ever seen my drives go as straight as what this Hibore XL can do for me… unbelievable. Recent studies have shown that over time, titanium faced drivers can damage your hearing similiar to a gunshot.

Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

I have always been a player who uses a 3 wood as whenever I had a go at other people drivers I always sliced. In my group one guy gets 50 yards more. The replacement program is over. I plan on hitting both but wonder what other peoples experience has been.

I think because my swing is too much faster then regular.

Best driver I ever had once you get used to it. I was always hibeg to crunch the occasional yarder but only once in a while.

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver

clveeland Finally decided to get the XL with gold shaft after reading the reviews. Both of them were good hitters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hit a D2 9. I hit it well but tended to miss too many fairways and was in the market for a new club.

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Its face is slightly toed in and as a result greatly reduces the chance of hitting the right side of the fairway. My drives would balloon with clevelan backspin and fall short.

HELP- and thank you! Option 2 would be to pay for a real fitting with multiple shaft options. Off center hits are loud as well and you get feedback through the club. From my experience with the XL, I would say the red in stiff flex would be the way to go. It sure is nice to know what hibber it yards and longer feels like from time to time. To round it off this driver has just helped me win my first competition in golf. When I relaxed and slowed down, I boomed the ball, and was 30 yards short of the green on a yard Par 4 I chunked my chip of course, but the drive sure felt great!