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The Wacom driver team has submitted a bug report with Microsoft for these issues and will continue to work with them until it is fixed. I would turn off touch for testing , and remove the tablet settings and try different USB ports. Also, If you have any issues, please try a clean driver install. I wasn’t wiling to pay for an Intuos, so this was a good purchase for me and am glad I did it. It comes with a bunch of tutorials, and they’re well indexed so I could skip the lessons I wasn’t interested in. Rated 5 out of 5 by Alex from Makes a mouse feel like a bulldozer I got this for photo editing in Lightroom mostly and in Photoshop Elements, which is conveniently bundled with the Bamboo tablet.

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Wacom Bamboo Create Touch Tablet Model Cth-670 & Stylus Once Like

Turn your Mac or PC into the ultimate tool for creativity by adding your personal. Use the Official Purchase Advice Thread for help figuring out what tablet to buy.

It can also be conveniently stored using the pen holder located on the tablet Equal Opportunity This tablet doesn’t discriminate against left- or right-handed users because it can be used by both. Upgrading to Mac OS The ideal tool for your creativity.


Drivers | Wacom

Also, If you have any issues, please try a clean driver install. Messed around and reset my Reddit password just so I could login and hopefully get something to deal with it. Drivers can be found here: Restart helps in this situation too. Thanks to Bamboo Fun. Follow the steps here.

All prices and specifications are subject to change mdel notice. Wacom Customer Support page: Rated 4 out of 5 by Bryan K. Can work day or two and suddenly same troubles come back. VillMan is not responsible for typographical or photographical errors. Details for the software and settings can be found in the manual, I found it here: Be the first to review this item.

Check the Wacom Desktop Center for the update notice. I bought this one to replace a very old Wacom tablet I had.

The programmable buttons are great to be able to make certain functions easier. Retouch and manage your profile pics and add funky effects.

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The new Bamboo Fun tablet, with pen and touch functionality, lets you tweet with style. A new driver has been released. So I pulled out my CTH that I haven’t used in quite a while and plugged it into a newer computer that Crh didn’t originally set the tablet up on when i got it. Please see the instructions found on our support page here.


The touch feature is just okay. Additionally, if you try to draw with touch on, it can cause problems. Especially if someone shares their artwork.

Wacom Bamboo Create Digital Tablet (Silver) CTH B&H Photo

In order to avoid this I Simply covered the drawing surface with a piece of paper I will probably midel to replace in a couple of weeks as it gets damaged, but it does the workand I adjusted the sensitivity of the tablet so I dont have to make a lot pressure to draw. Only thing I can think of is some issue with driver, some conflict or something.

New driver released for Mac Driver 6. I can’t believe I ever tried to do precision work with a mouse. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used with their permission. A variety of exciting, fun Bamboo apps inside Bamboo dock are kept ready for download and are part of this package.