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Hi everyone, is it possible to use one of these wifi adapters on a Windows 10 laptop? The recommendation of this Wi-Fi card for long-distance connections is motivated precisely because when using the 2. They need to make a guide for it lol. Anyways I’d really appreciate any help you can give me. I actually hope that wireless adapters will have a storage also, so I can also USB boot kali and have wlan at the same time: Take the Realtek drivers installed at the factory. Share your thoughts, please.

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Which one would be better? If you’re hacking on Kali, certain chipsets the chip that controls the wireless adapter will work without much or any configuration needed. Review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Did you run the update?? If you connect the WiFi adapter to the USB port, then you can use it at full power 1W to scan networks and connect over long distances.

I have to admit I don’t really know what I am doing I just follow up the steps I saw in aircrack-ng and other forums. Have you used wlan0 as an AP too? CA this number identifies the manufacturer Alfa Original.

I don’t care a lot of 5GHz band, but if i can have it as an option without losing in range, stability and injection quality, why not. I just purchased one about a week inection. The WiFi wave G arrives further away and there is less signal loss using this G-type card than a similar N-type card, also if we use it with Linux at mW output the result will be incredible.


Any of the wireless network adapters on this list can be combined with a Awua036h Pi to build your own Wi-Fi hacking computer.

The Alfa USB WiFi Adapter AWUS036H recommended in 2017 with Windows 10

Compatible with all WiFi security and encryption systems: While they only offer Only the specific TP-Link adapter in the article is supported to use monitor mode and packet injection. The shipping price from USA is kinda high, do you have any tips how should i solve this problem?

Airmon-ng had issues putting into monitor modeI had to put card into monitor mode via iwconfig. The other generations of the adapter don’t work with Kali Linux.

Is it possible to have the Raspberry Pi change usb drives if the persistence partition fills up before I get a chance to download the data to another drive manually. Hi everyone, is it possible to use one of these wifi adapters on a Windows 10 laptop?

A note on the Panda from one of our readers: I did notice a slight increase when I stuck one of the Alfa antennas on it, but it wasn’t substantial.

Alfa AWUS036H WiFi – driver not supporting AHDEMO mode for injection

Will it be able to be injecyion monitor mode and inject packets?? I downloaded the driver via apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms rebooted a few times but nothing happened In order to hack Wi-Fi, you will quickly learn that a wireless network adapter injectiin packet injection and monitor mode is essential. I actually hope that wireless adapters will have a storage also, so I can also USB boot kali and have wlan at the same time: Please can you injectin best one?


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pick up one of the following supported adapters mention in the comments how it works for you. If you already know this product and are now interested in more modern Alpha brand antennas, we recommend this section of the store Alfa WiFi store Spain. What is your hardware setup?

AWUSACH seems the top choice, but obviously it has been confirmed problems with the driver numerous times, though on the website it clearly states that it should support Linux kernel 2.

So how do you pick the best wireless network adapter for hacking?

Buy the Best Wireless Network Adapter for Wi-Fi Hacking in « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

Thank you for this! In spite of the antiquity it is still the reference chipset for WiFi audits since it was the first high power manufactured chips that reaches up to mW 30dBm and that still works very well with the fundamental tools for wifi hacking suite aircrack-ng, mdk3beini, etc.

I’m running Kali Linux in a virtual box. This review in of the famous WiFi antenna AWUSH is justified as it is still one of the most widely used and desired WiFi adapters by a large number of fans developing applications for WiFi networks.