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The settings on the Printing Preferences driver tabs control the driver default settings for each user’s profile. Therefore, if the Collated check box is selected in the driver, but the Collate setting is not enabled in the software program, the printed output is uncollated. This setting instructs the device to use the best color matching for rendering sRGB bitmap images. The default is language-dependent. When the paper type is set to Unspecified , the smart duplexing feature is disabled.

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The following figure shows preview images for a document formatted for Legal-size paper with the Print Document On check box selected and the paper size specified as Letter. Use the Digital Flash setting to adjust lighting edgelinw to reveal areas in shadow.

The default setting is 0 seconds. Watermarks are applied to logical pages. Select the job-storage options by clicking the appropriate option button, and then complete any required fields. Select this setting to send all graphics to the device as images composed of individual dots.

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Watermark Message The Watermark Message is also edteline name that identifies the watermark in the Current Watermarks list, except when more than one watermark has the edeline message. Insert blank or preprinted sheets dialog box. Both color-quality settings print jobs with the same black saturation level. The name typed in the Watermark Message field appears in the Current Watermarks group box in the Watermark Details dialog box and in the Watermarks group box on the Effects tab. The following figure shows the Job Storage tab.


Other programs might print using these options without problems.

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The following table summarizes paper size limits for each paper-handling device. If units are in millimeters, the custom paper-size range minimum is the limit rounded up to the nearest whole millimeter. The following figure shows the Finishing tab. HP Digital Imaging Options dialog box. Any watermark that is selected from this list appears in the preview image. When you click another group box or leave the Advanced tab, invalid entries into the edit box such as non-numerical input, numbers less than 1, or numbers greater than the maximum allowed are changed to the last valid value that appeared in the box.

When the limit of 30 watermarks is reached, the New button is disabled.

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ahd As fast as 7. The drop-down menu shows alphabetically sorted watermarks that are currently available on the system plus the string ” none “, which indicates that no watermark is selected.

Crave witnessed the official unveiling of two EdgeLine-equipped machines, the CM and CM, at an event in Paris yesterday get us! Any change to the scale also changes the page preview, which increases or decreases from the upper-left corner of the preview. The driver that has the highest GPD version number is the latest driver.


Use the Advanced tab to change the layout of printed pages and to configure special controls that are not commonly used. Click Cancel to keep the watermark.

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Select this setting if you do not want an error page to be printed when an error occurs. The following settings are available:. The driver can perform through the software rather than the device hardware the mopying path that is disabled when you change the Mopy Mode setting to Disabled.

The following watermarks are preset in the driver:. Maximum – W, Energy Saver mode – 3.

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Document preview image The document preview image is a line-drawn image of a page that represents graphics and text. The trays listed in the Form to Tray Assignment setting include standard trays and optional accessory trays. This printer can print a photo in 5 seconds.