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You get a more usable distortion tone. We completed the Bicomp list in May ! Sick of the mass-produced, over-hyped, over-marketed cheap slave-labor produced plastic junk being passed off as Guitar Effects these days? And it will be on its way to Bob Bradshaw by weeks end for inclusion in my rack system which I hope to receive sometime this century. For shipping info, status, and stock availability, please email Ryan in our shipping and testing department at shipping at analogman dot com For questions about standard modifications and availability of modified guitar effects pedals, contact Brian in our mods department at:

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The King Of Tone is the only pedal that has a waiting list now, and the list is long but getting shorter. There is no room on the old style DS1 for the midrange pot on top, as they use large pots.

You can get a very nice overdrive with the pedal, and it can be a nice alternative to the standard tubescreamer that you hear on so many other albums out there. Brian in mods is pretty much caught up now so we can turn around normal mods in just a few days, thanks for your interest!

It sounds a lot more organic and has a bit more depth to it overall. The stock SD-1 and many other Boss pedals have a “chalky” tone, we make it creamier.


All user reviews for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman

Gain, Level, and Tone and there isn’t much to figure out. Once you get something from ajalogman, we do our best to keep you coming back for more.

I like to set it that way, then from there I gradually adjust the pedal to my liking. Fuller sound than the original but still translates nuances of pick attack.

When using only the mono jack on a CE-1, you get dry and wet out of that jack. He ran it after his bicomp and KoT. Our mod Tone sweep, first stock, then our wnalogman. The bypassed tone is quite good, but if you want true bypass, check into the Strobostomp tuner.

The H is high impedance for mono guitar or expression pedal control using a high resistance pot.

Search Media New Media. Use our Mod Form to send it in for the mod, it has prices for all these options.

But you have to bend over and press a little button to do so. The price is excellent too.

aNaLoG.MaN Guitar Effects

With Analog Man, there are no problems, only solutions. I am also hoping to find out the sonic differences between a stock and an AM BD2. Our midrange knob works great then, allowing you to add in the normal frequencies that sound great with guitar while keeping the annoying high end under control.

Pretty much every setting works, and it is very smooth. Jun 2, 5. Analoman and riffs can be stacked repeatedly until the 16 minutes! With true byass, there is no change in function when ON, but when OFF the input is connected directly to both output jacks for analogma bypass on both jacks.


All tube design for warm sound, available as a head or with optional 1 x 12″ cabinet.

Boss Effects Pedals and Modifications

Jun 2, 4. Analgman do not offer this mod as drilling and mounting the switch is very time consuming and messy. You also need to hot-wire bules circuit so it is always ON.

It’s true, the pedal is totally transparent when set according to Mike’s directions; there’s no difference between bypassed and engaged signals. I recommend getting this video! It tended to get harsh with my setup, and the tone control wasn’t useful.

In order to make an Ibanez, Boss or other electronically- switched pedal true bypass, you need to drill a hole on top and mount a standard round metal stomp switch. You might be able to use a credit card on the new website without paypal if your card has AVS. Analogmqn you find this review helpful?

Even bringing a slider DOWN will add noise, try it!