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Evan Griffey — Nov 6, In addition to this the ECU also monitors battery voltage obviously , the 5V sensor output voltage, internal temperature, sensor ground voltage the ECU can switch this ground on or off, so you can use this to check for common ground loop problems. Yes — I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Super Street Online. This sounds pretty cool. Again, a custom-mounting bracket was made for the ECU. Obviously I will post my learnings to assist others who wish to do the same. Adaptronic December 19 at 6:

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Turbosmart e-Boost2 Sport Compact 60mm. Excellent direct and community technical support.

Adaptronic ECU Chassis Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

The Factory ECU has more pins 76 vs 60so the plug and play has more opportunity to be upgraded you can fit 2 mini expansion modules instead adaptroonic 1. The OEM connector does not have enough pins to support all the additional features.

With our engine all but buttoned up, we are almost ready to start her up. In the case of rotary engines like ours, this is especially sdaptronic since the trailing plugs come in a Direct Fire configuration from the factory—but the leading plugs do not. USB port Technical hardware specs; 2X 32B MHZ processors; 1 per control board, and 1 per big output module each additional aadaptronic module has its own 32MB MHZ processor, so processor speeds never slow down with expansion Series 4 Rx7 PNP comes with an additional connector for all the extra features female connector and pins included.


Or something along those lines that gets my attention! TurboSource Automotive Parts Store.

Adaptronic ECU and AEM Ignition Coils – The Right Electrical Pipeline

Want to add to the discussion? Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours Product Code: In this case my Fuel Pressure Regulator almost brand new failed and the modular automatically adapted the injector pulse width in response to the fuel pressure. Tomorrow; Christmas breakfast with TLD crew! Goopy Adatronic Automotive Repair Shop.

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On the plug and play we use this for the fuel pump relay 1 dedicated tacho output 22 outputs compared to 15 on the Select. Plex Tuning Electronics Company. Thanks to vents at the rear of our CF hood, the ignition coils are also well ventilated. But I have tortured that poor computer every which way. Looking forward to seeing progress! I’ll try to answer questions and give assistance on other projects as best as I can. Yes — I prefer to receive offers and promotions from Super Street Online. The ECU uses closed-loop tuning with data from the wideband and is thus able to hold target AFRs rock steady as well as having real-time AFR reading during the tuning process.


Raw and Filtered Hopefully I can set a threshold on RealDash and make the display background turn red if the threshold value is exceeded. Rotary Aviation Motor Vehicle Company. What’s changing, what’s staying the same and the way forward.

Adaptronic Ecu Deals

What is VE tuning? I’ve been thinking of including a knock sensor on my bike build as it’s going to be relatively high-boost but I don’t really know where to start.

In part 2 of our K24 Project build adsptronic take a look at the JE Pistons and K1 Technologies, connecting rods that are going into our engine. Apexi 3-Bar MAP sensor. Rob Dahm – Video is out!

Similar to scramble boost, you install a switch in the cockpit that you can activate if you need more power. Features This unit has the same inputs and outputs as the M, with the following exceptions: This unit has the same inputs and outputs as the M, with the following exceptions: Log in or sign up in seconds. CDIs store their energy in a capacitor, allowing them to produce a stronger spark.

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