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Personally I think your boss should have given you the one you were testing with haha …. Yep, the comments are displayed nested, and I wanted to avoid that it would become unreadable. Jul 22, – 8: I even found an old Microsoft Office cd and installed it,too. Hi, i just wanted to confirm with you all that trying to use a 2nd pcie connector onto the board of a W does not work. A significantly more representative value is the life with WLAN surfing in maximum brightness and enabled wireless module, also in energy saving mode.

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This is the 64bit Linux version. Here, mobile phone feel turns up and can consequently only be seen as a stopgap solution. However, Windows 7 also has its advantages.

I wanted to use a wireless mouse while being able to have the tablet propped up.

W and related drivers

Jul 22, – The greatest flaw still is that there is hardly any Windows 7 software available that is optimized for finger control. There’s a lot you can do well with icoia on Windows, from browsing to playing all of your media especially in Windows Media Center which works as well for fingers as it does for a remote control.

All parts, the usb port hub and the usb pens would have to be extremely small PCB size tan all their plastic housing and usb metal connectors would have to be removed and replaced with soldered wires. Sep 6, – 9: Acer’s Iconia Tab W wants to unite tablet and netbook.


Review Acer Iconia Tab W500 Keydock Notebook

Glad to hear that Jim, thanks for the feedback! Mar 14, – 3: At least it will prove proof o concept. Even if secondary and tertiary devices are in fashion, many are satisfied with a device that is able to do almost everything. Gently put the back in place d500 press the sides back together by putting a slight pressure on the edges, moving around, possibly more than once, until there is no clear opening left between the two sides.

Nevertheless, intense reflections could have an adverse effect on the actual display content. This is just proof of concept that it will work, and it does: Now I can work with the W as if it were a real desktop pc.

The display’s good traits are often degraded by the hardly modified Windows operating system. Jan 16, – 8: However, the display size should be modified to really hit the small icons and symbols of Windows 7. It booted right into windows, logged right in, and after installing the new drivers, I have plenty of breathing room now! Well, not Windows itself or installed applications of course.


I know that the RAM is soldered in and cannot be easily upgraded, but is the processor in a socket? As in system noise, the Iconia Tab W also proves to be very restrained in the field of temperature emissions. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Sorry for the late reply.

Or do you mean it reboots?

Acer Iconia Tab W500

You will have to pay attention that you get the right one quick glance: And I say this with no intent of offense… simply just to point out that further prerequisite knowledge or training will go a long way toward gaining insight into issues when they occur. All that was needed was the Reflect software which requires an internet connection to download.

I put msata drive in and went into my BIOS and it recognized drive right away. Once recognized, use the recovery disks or install Windows from scratch. Hated to give mine up. Opening the W will work the same way as for the W