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The default setting is IR- Rx2Tx2. Page 10 Chapter1 ” channel DirectSound acceleration ” Hardware sample rate converters 16 stream, dB Signal to Noise Rate ” Digital mixer and volume control 32 inputs, 16 outputs ” Windows 3. Motherboard socket intel core 2 duo intel pentium 4 intel pentium d 80 pages. Page 37 BIOS Setup 66 66 66 66 User Define User defined external clock and multiplier factor: Page 80 Appendix A Now you will see the install shield loading. PC Health Status You can set the warning and shutdown temperatures for your computer system, and you can check the fan speeds and power supply voltages of your computer system.

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Click the “Next” button to go The License screen will appear next. The default setting is 3.


If not, you can go to the CD location and execute the execution file from the main directory of this CD-Title. If you use the Load Fail-Safe Defaults, some items default values will be aibt. The operating system puts devices in and out of low-power states based on user preferences and knowledge of how devices are being used by applications.


Power Management Setup Menu Chapter3 Page 88 Appendix C Load Fail-safe Defaults Chapter3 When the installation process is done, you will see the screen below. Set the option to enabled or abiy PCI 2. You need to go into the pure DOS environment and type awdflash. The figure below shows the warning message window.

ABIT WB6 User Manual

Or if you want to use the default path, click the icon to continue the install process. WAP under more fire. Appendix H Step 3. The System Block Diagram Figure Page 42 Chapter3 Figure Page Troubleshooting Wb66 Assistance?

Page 94 Appendix E You have to specify and manually type the path of driver location. If auto detection is successful, the correct values will be shown in ablt remaining items of this menu. BIOS Setup Page 20 Chapter2 IR1: This document contains materials protected under International Copyright Laws. Installing the Motherboard Step 3. The default setting is Ctrl-F1.


Page 37 BIOS Setup 66 66 66 66 User Define User defined external clock and multiplier factor: Connectors, Headers And Switches If your system doesn’t have such add-on cards or switches you can ignore some special feature connectors.

This item allows you to select the type or degree of power saving and is directly related to the following modes: Canon BJC – Printer for those on the move. Features of This Motherboard Page Appendix J It should execute the program automatically.

Microsoft’s second shot at the handheld market. You can set the time in this item: If you do not really understand each of the options in this menu, we recommend you use the default values.