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Not only are they meant to run far cooler, but they are also meant to offer a smaller voltage drop, or vDroop, when the CPU is loaded. Apart from that, we didn’t have any problems with the board’s layout. We tested this claim when overclocking at the end of the article. Indeed, for peace and quiet while running standard cooling gear, the QuadGT is accommodating. How about a “Grand Touring” version of a motherboard, anyone?

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The entire board has solid aluminium capped capacitors, however the digital PWM implementation means there’s no need for these types of capacitors around the CPU socket – instead there are far smaller, surface mounted ceramic capacitors, which help to make the space around the CPU socket seem a little clearer. There is a decent amount of connectivity available: Digital PWMs are preferred by some designers because they take up a smaller physical footprint on the board and it is also easier for the manufacturer to provide a far greater precision for voltage adjustments.

It’s a welcome change qquadgt one that keeps Abit up there with the competition, however they are a little flimsy compared to the new ones on the Asus Maximus Formula and Extreme.

Overclockers at Abit’s stand here at Computex have managed to get quad core Core 2 processor to a massive 4. Digital PWMs offer most precise and consistent voltage supply for reduced power consumption, less heat and increased components’ life. Pros Very good performance at its default speed settings; dedicated CMOS, power and reset buttons on the board, ran reliably with a MHz front side bus supports up to MHz. Would you buy this?

The copper based dual-heatpipe heat sink with extra slim fins and an additional cooling Extendor maximizes heat dissipation by linking the North Bridge high-fin heat-sink via a heatpipe to on extra high-fin eyhernet.

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You also have the option to mount an extra active fan on top of the heat sink. The north bridge, memory and PCI-Express all get the normal, single phase of power regulation, but the CPU gets a five phase digital PWM system using the latest smaller and cooler components. The Digital PWM silent cooling heat sink consists of extra slim and extra high fins thereby effectively increasing cooling. Bottom Line This is very much a board for enthusiasts.

Abit’s IX38 QuadGT wears the GT moniker with some justification; it was fast in most of our tests and has plenty of features anit will tickle many an enthusiasts fancy.

This hardware thermal protection automatically shuts down your system when the CPU temperature reaches a certain threshold. Layout The board looks better than most – all the connectors are either blue or black and are laid on top of the blue PCB.

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In addition this special design utilizes the airflow of the CPU cooler to blow heat out of your case through the back panel. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The chipset on the other hand is cooled by a heatpipe solution which goes from the ICH9R to the X38 chipset and then onwards to a small heatsink which is parallel with the memory slots.

Written by Richard Swinburne. Digital Home Digital Speakers. We couldn’t get its Windows-based uGuru overclocking utility to run properly on our Vista-based system — it kept re-starting our machine. Dedicated fan control Keep control over your hardware.

Abit has gone with a digital PWM design and this seems to have been something of a fad and many of the motherboard manufacturers we’ve talked to aren’t too keen on using this type of PWM as they claim it’s not great for overclocking. All up though, it’s well built, has good features and runs quietly.


Its encoding time in iTunes improved to 48sec. Apart from that, we didn’t have any problems with the board’s layout. However, it does reduce the component count on the motherboard and allows for a much cleaner area around the CPU socket.

ABIT launches IX38 QuadGT

We tested this claim when overclocking at the end of the article. If there is little space between your PC’s drive bays and the edge of the motherboard, then the SATA cables protruding from the motherboard will cause some clutter.

Extendor Silent Dual Pipe Cooling. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

ABIT IX38 QuadGT – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – X38 Overview – CNET

If Uqadgt holds true to what they showed at Computex earlier this year, then we can expect to see a DDR3 X38 board at a later stage. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

How about a “Grand Touring” version of a motherboard, anyone? Abit has managed to implement a few interesting features into this board and some rather odd ones too. Ixx38 handy features include a rear mounted CMOS reset button, onboard power and reset switch and a utility that allows you to monitor the temperature not only of the CPU and the system, but also the digital PWM, something we think is a first.