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In general, the better video cards require PSU’s in the watt range. Don’t skimp on the motherboard, but if you can find a board with the features you want from a good vendor at a good price, gopherit! A Case of Maxtaken Identity When is a hard drive not a hard drive? Buy a case that is the right size for you, has sufficient quiet fans mm fans move more air at slower speeds and are therefore quieter , has the number of external and internal bays you expect to need, has the connectors you want on the front panel, matches your motherboard for the number of card slots AND onboard fan connectors and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Use at your own risk!

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Microsoft also lists devices that are known to be compatible with their operating systems.

One high performance video card should work well, but that isn’t why you buy an SLI motherboard in the first place. On a more serio If you have installed a motherboard before or really know your way around the BIOS and are using new components, you shouldn’t have many problems.

My brother had been nagging me to get a new PC but I have kept putting it off since I am of the firm belief that you don’t buy any computer hardware until you absolutely have to.

At the point in the setup where the status panel showed ‘Starting Windows’, the system rebooted after ten to fifteen seconds.


Who shouldn’t buy this board? Don’t skimp on the motherboard, but if you can find a board with the features you want from a good vendor at a good price, gopherit! The following manual memory settings are for DDR timing memory modules: I installed NT and began using it. You might be surprised how often you will be putting your hands inside the case, pulling and prying out cards, drives, etc. I am more experienced with hardware now and I was able to quickly recognize and solve these problems that I had seen before.

It lasted about seven and a half years, quite unexpected considering my environment and usage. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. It has been more than ten months since I sent this system to him.

ABIT AN8 SLi – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4 SLI

Depending on what you’re using, and which operating system, pressing ‘F6’ during the boot up process won’t be a pain with this package! Read on to find out. To my complete dismay and befuddlement, NT was slower than my old computer!

Download and install the latest Realtek AC97 drivers. Consider ‘future-proofing’ as much as possible based on what you MAY be doing on your computer in the future and where the PC world seems to be heading.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Be sure the power supply has sufficient power cables for all the devices that you expect to buy over the life of the computer.

Historically, some of Abit’s faid are ranked as the best enthusiast-class products ever built, but fresh competition from manufacturers like DFI has left Abit with no room to rest on its laurels. Sometimes the operating system will have the sbit drivers for the device you want or the chipset provider for abi device may have generic drivers that you can download. That configuration leaves two lanes to spare for onboard devices.


It just doesn’t make any sense to put a fast CPU in a system with slow memory and front side bus. Vista is still very much in Beta mode as of this date and I have been able to install only qn8 few of my XP x64 drivers and software.

ABIT has had a good history with overclocking, but the company has so far struck out in the Athlon64 world. ATi’s CrossFire is just a little underwhelming in the real world. Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing I thought I had an IRQ conflict or a problem with the video card.

Match Your Components Don’t buy high-end components for some of the components and low-end components for others.

ABIT AN8 32X SLI Motherboard Review – Legit ReviewsABIT’s 32 Lane PCI Express Solution: AN8 32X

Rest in Peace little buddy! Avoid cases that have sharp edges. DFI battle royal if you will.